RPM, Revolutions Per Minute?

No, The RPM Foundation  – “Restoration, Preservation, Mentorship”

CPR Classic East was honored to have a requested visit from Program
Ambassador Mr. Bud McIntire. Bud was in town for the St. Michael’s Concurs
and stopped by CPR to check out what we do, how we do it, and to meet with
our Craftsmen. The 30 minute meeting Bud requested turned into an hour or
more. I hope Bud liked what he saw!
The RPM Foundation works with education facilities and programs nationwide
promoting the continuation of skills to preserve and restore old cars. A very
worthwhile endeavor, particularly when there are way too many “hacks” in the
real world, causing real damage to the Old Iron by using inappropriate methods
to “restore” them. Even more criminal is the “hacks” who are passing off this
bad information to the next generation as “proper” ways to restore
Fortunately, RPM Foundation is assisting in getting the Students to proper
Teaching Facilities. There after, helping the students with Internships and
Employment in quality shops.
President of RPM Foundation, Diane Fitzgerald, expressed to me “..RPM is a
network, rich with schools and students around the United States with whom we
have access.” Diane also relayed that, while RPM is not a placement service,
they might evolve into that.
This is a very dedicated group, intent on helping young (and old) talent and
older cars come together for the betterment of both.
Visit the RPM website: www.rpm.foundation
CPR certainly has every intention to work with and support RPM. Maybe we
can set up a visit for them to return to the region and address some of the PCA
Groups. Possibly using monies generated by the CPR/PCA Rewards Program
directed to the RPM Foundation.

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