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Leather Magic

Reuel Atkinson, principle in Artisan Company, located in Virginia, spent last Thursday and Friday, Deep Cleaning, Conditioning, and Refinishing, the original leather interior components on a customer’s 1969 911S. Reuel tells me that there are couple good over-the-counter leather care products available. Most of these retail products over promise results and have chemistry concepts that Reuel does not agree with.
Periodically, a good Deep Cleaning and Conditioning of leather should be done to a higher level than is available with auto care products. Conditioning leather is a crucial element in keeping it soft and pliable,  and help minimize some existing forms of cracking. Deep Cleaning precedes the Conditioning process. Refinishing is necessary when the color “finish” wears off the leather.
Reuel will be present in upcoming Classic Porsche Restoration eLetters providing you with Leather Care Tips.