PCA Rewards Program

What it is and what it means for you and your PCA Region

Because most Porsche owners belong to the PCA, and because CPR Classic East is intertwined with Porsche owners and the PCA, CPR Classic East decided it was time to give back to our loyal PCA members and their PCA Regions.

Here is how the PCA Rewards Program works:

If you are a member of a PCA Region that has a working relationship with CPR Classic East, you as a member will receive a 10% discount on all labor charges
for work done at CPR Classic East on your first Porsche and 20% discount on your second Porsche (if you are lucky enough to own more than one). ALSO, your PCA Region will receive 10% of all labor charges on your Porsche up to $10,000.00 (10% of $10,000.00) Paid to the Region Treasurer or to their directed charity.
Those PCA Regions who have qualified themselves and their members to participate in PCA Rewards Program.
1. Chesapeake Region, Zone 2 (CPR’s PCA Region)
2. Central Pennsylvania Region, Zone 2
3. Delaware Region, Zone 2
If you are not a PCA member the PCA Rewards Program is a good reason to join one of the above regions.
If your PCA Region has not qualified for the PCA Rewards Program, CPR would be happy to speak with you or your Region President on how to qualify for PCA Rewards Program.
Discounts under the PCA Rewards Program are for labor only on work performed on your Porsche at the CPR Classic East Facility in Easton, Maryland and includes all work whether full, partial, shop, or “mini” restoration. If you have a question or concern call: 410 822 8322.

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