“Unfiltered Passion”-The Video

A film featuring Brian and Dylan Doherty, Porsche Restoration, and the new Porsche 911T. Yes, it is sort of an advertisement. However, there are a few very relevant points that are brought out.
No one can question the unbelievable quality and performance that is the heart and sole of the Porsche Motorcar. No one can question the passion and perfection that CPR lavishes on its restorations of the Porsche Motorcar. The fact that the Porsche Factory, in choosing CPR Fallbrook to be its partner in this video, certifies the correctness of the statement ­ “There is only one way to correctly restore a Porsche” ­ and that CPR restores Porsches to the Factory’s acceptance. Here’s a link to the video
In case you didn’t know the connection between CPR, Fallbrook and CPR East: Brian Doherty took over the daily operation of CPR when his father
passed away in the late 1990’s. When Brian thought of expanding to the East Coast, he reached out to his long time friend Bruce Wakefield. Brian and Bruce shared a love of Porsches, a sense of perfection and an uncompromising pursuit of excellence. Brian and Bruce worked out a special working arrangement whereby the quality and passion would be consistent West Coast to East Coast.
For those who didn’t know, Dylan Doherty, Brian’s Son is the 2016 National GT2 Driving Champion driving a CPR built and sponsored Porsche.
CPR is looking for a Major sponsor for the 2018 GT2 series with Dylan as the Driver. Interested? Give me a call! 410-822-8322

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