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About Us

Welcome to Classic Porsche Restoration, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Easton, Maryland.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Take a look at the detailed photographs of the Porsches currently being revived here at our Easton, Maryland facility. We are very proud of our craftsmen and the work they do.

The Process

Each Porsche undergoing a revival at Classic Porsche Restoration is carefully documented and photographed when it arrives. The progress on each Porsche is regularly photographed and documented, not only to detail the workmanship and the materials used on each project, but most importantly to protect your investment when someone asks, “What’s under the paint?”.  Then you will have the correct documentation to answer. Classic Porsche Restoration project Porsches are identified on this website by a reference number.  Why?

Quite simply because we are very proud of the quality of workmanship that goes into every phase of this process. This documentation becomes a permanent record of the restoration process for each Porsche. It also allows you, as a viewer of this documentation, to compare these Porsches with yours,  and to have a point of discussion with us here at Classic Porsche Restoration about the process, what is represented, and why it is being done. This documentation allows us both to connect on a real basis about what will take place on your Porsche and why.

What is a Restoration?

Let’s talk hard facts about “restoration” as it effects automobiles. Restoration is a very misused description of a process that happens in the automobile industry.

The representation and completion of an Automobile Restoration usually falls into one of three distinct categories:

1. A state of the art renewal of the complete vehicle to; as delivered by the factory, OR better than factory new condition. This is the true art of automobile restoration.

2. A cosmetic application of new paint over old paint, interior dress up. Metal body rust and dent repair using collision shop techniques. Mechanical repairs to make the car drivable. These are short term fixes that may last a few years. This approach is very rarely photo documented.

3. Purposeful and shoddy body and interior work using questionable techniques and materials, artfully covered up by a cheap coat of shiny new paint to deceive an owner or buyer of the vehicle. Photo documentation never exists.

Each of these three processes are often referred to as a “Restoration”.  Only one of them is, in fact, a restoration, and what we commonly refer to as a REVIVAL.

To an inexperienced eye,  you will never get a #1 restoration at a #3 price. Please, do your homework.

Be able to recognize which type of the three,  listed above,  you are being quoted a price for.  Make sure,  when shopping around,  that you are comparing apples to apples. There is always someone who will tell you, “we can do it as good, but cheaper.”

If a group will not show you in-progress photos of their work,  and be willing to open up their shop and proudly discuss what they are doing and why, they probably have something they don’t want you to see.  You might not be getting a #1 restoration.

Remember:  “There is Nothing More Expensive than a Cheap Paint Job.”

Frankly, you may only need Classic Porsche Restoration to do some of the revival, restoration work on your Porsche. We have Seven (7) very distinct shops. We encourage and embrace Porsche owners to use all or some of these Shops to accomplish the individual revival needs for their Porsche. We can do some or all of the revival (restoration) on your Porsche.

Owner Involvement

Extremely unique to the revival restoration of the Porsche motor car, we at Classic Porsche Restoration strongly believe that the separation of the owner and the vehicle is not a positive element in the revival process. Unlike almost every other facility, Classic Porsche Restoration wants the owner(s) to be actively involved in the restoration of their Porsche, if they choose to do so. We encourage your regular progress inspections. We encourage your input into the choice of components and upgrades to your Porsche. We want you to take time to come and be a physical presence in the dis-assembly or the re-assembly, of your Porsche.

 The SHOPS at Classic Porsche Restoration

To understand more about our Porsche Restoration Process, please visit our Shops page, which details each of our seven Shops and what happens in each one.  Then take a look at our Restorations page for both in-progress and completed works.  There you will find detailed photos of each Porsche, at each stage in its revitalization process.  If you have any questions or comments about what you see, please feel free to give us call or schedule an appointment.  We’d be happy to hear from you!

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